Building an Intentional Community

About Us

We are a group of moms with sons/nephew between the ages 16 - 20 that saw a common problem on the horizon and decided to act now

We each bring a distinct set of

skills to this endeavor and the

drive to see it through.

              Marketing - Healthcare - Education - Business

Policy is changing nationwide regarding where these neurodiverse adults will live. Intentional communities such as ours is the answer to the growing housing problem.

Our goal is to build an inclusive long-term rental housing community for adults with autism and other neurodiversities. This community would incorporate Smart technology into each small home and be built with environmentally conscious building practices. Our first “Connected Community” will consist of approximately 20 to 25 small homes built around a central "social" courtyard and shared space.


We hope that our first community in Wilmington will be a pilot model for other communities around the state and country. City and government officials are aware of our goals and have been providing us feedback for the last two years. 


IndependentWorks/T 910-367-5448/ /P.O. Box 3533, Wilmington, NC 28406

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