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Carolina has a B.S. in Special Education and General Education. She has been involved in the education field as a teacher and as a resource specialist for over 10 years. She is now a consultant working to help families with neurodiverse young adults. As the parent to a young adult with autism, she has spent the last 4 years working to improve transition experiences for her son and many other neurodiverse adults in the tri-county area. Through her summer camp program (CAMP IRL) and collaborations with other non profits in the area, she continues to impact the live of the community in a positive way. She sees IndependentWorks as a bridge for families and young adults looking for a long term housing solutions that has meaning.
Mary Beth received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Michigan afterwards founded the clinical pharmacy services at both the Cleveland Clinic and New Hanover Regional Medical Center. She later received her MBA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in entrepreneurship and innovation during that time she became the founding President of TransitionsFoundation-NC. This non-profit helps students with autism transition to community college in hopes of gaining employment. Her passion for autism services stems from her son and she knows with the right services they can flourish as adults and be productive members of society.  
Robert is a recently retired physician whose career has spanned private office practice, hospitalist work, and roles in hospital administration particularly focused on electronic medical records, quality, and innovation. As the father of an adult daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Robert has long tried to envision a safe and supportive living situation that will promote the best life for her in the community. Robert knows that there are many other people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who would benefit from available and affordable housing that promotes both independence and community and is excited to work with IndependentWorks to help make such dreams a reality.

Deborah received her BFA, M.ed. and teaching certificates from University of North Carolina Greensboro. She taught in public and privates schools in North Carolina and Maryland for many years.  She pursued post graduate work at Penn State University while teaching undergraduate art education courses. 

As the mother of an adult on the spectrum, she has first hand knowledge of the challenges the individuals and their families face growing up and when entering adulthood as they build their lives without the support of the school system.  She believes every individual deserves the opportunity and support to participate in meaningful education, employment, volunteering, lasting friendships,and safe, permanent homes designed to meet personal needs and choices. 

Independent Works embodies the goals which she believes in for the growth and success for individuals on the spectrum.

Marguerite Rhodes has been active with IndependentWorks for several years along with her daughter Emily.  Marguerite has an MA in Rehab Counseling and a BA in Education which has prepared her to work as a teacher, employment specialist, and a curriculum coordinator at a day program for neurodiverse individuals.  She has been a strong advocate for issues pertaining to inequality in housing, employment and livable wages for direct care professionals.  We are very happy that Marguerite is willing to give so much of her time and effort to working with us!

Marguerite Rhodes
Board Member

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